Everything about opposite of immense

Koku was an immense guy, a veritable big, among two whom Tom experienced brought back again with him immediately after an fascinating journey to a wierd land.

An immense mass of data continues to be collected within the scientific procedures which happen to be linked to electric powered wave telegraphy.

As there wasn't an individual town or massive village during the vicinity of the camp, the immense number of generals and courtiers accompanying the army were residing in the most beneficial residences of the villages on either side in the river, above a radius of six miles.

That God is like Which the purpose of His love is definitely the ethical Business of humanity in the "Kingdom of God" - this idea, with its immense range of software-.-is applied in Ritschl's First datum.

Africans drink it in immense portions: in Unyamwezi the standing bedsteads, covered with bark-slabs, are all built sloping so as to empty off the liquor.

But almost nothing is more specified than that his assumed is a powerful solvent with the intuitionalist method of imagining; and he has experienced an immense influence in lots of Instructions.

The rate and scale of modify has only proved much too immense for much of Surrey's biodiversity to adapt and reply to.

Groceries, toy-retailers, drygoods outlets, with their immense panes of plate-glass, their opposite of immense gorgeous fixtures, their extensive and complete assortments of items, during which fortunes were invested; and people noble mirrors at the farther stop of each and every institution, doubling All of this prosperity by a brightly burnished vista of unrealities

They went away without the need of thinking about the large significance of that immense and rich town getting specified above to destruction, for an awesome city with wood structures was certain when abandoned by its inhabitants to become burned.

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ontsaglik بِصورَة شاسِعه، بِصورَة ضَخْمَه необхватно imensamente nesmírně unermeßlich enormt εξαιρετικάinmensamente tohutult بسیار suunnattoman immensément בְּמִידָה עֲצוּמָה अत्यधिक golemo, sjajno mérhetetlenül besar-besaran gríðarlega immensamente 広大に 거대하게 labai, be galo milzīgi; neaptverami click here dengan sangat besar immensenormt, veldigniezmiernie په زياته اندازه imensamente imens чрезвычайно nesmierne brezmejno ogromno ofantligt, enormt, oerhört อย่างมโหฬาร son derece, pek çOkay 非常地,極大地 надзвичайно, безмірно بہت زيادہ vô cùng 非常地,极大地

The more flowery literary phrase uses "immensely" metaphorically because the phrase "immense" technica…lly applies to a "sizing". The phrase seems somewhat pretentious or autocratic, though the phrase "immensely" will be utilized at the conclusion of the sentence. (Additional)

His outdated arse left us in immense debt though he rode absent inside the sunset - teetering on senility and his handlers kept that fact from the voting electorate.

really great; exhibiting or getting good care and many others. The police began an intense search for the murderer; The medical center has just opened a read more brand new intensive treatment device. intensief مُكَثَّف интезнивен intensivo intenzivní intensiv intensiv εντατικόςintensivo tõhus, pingne شدید؛ فشرده intensiivinen intensifאינטנסיבי वृद्धिकर, तीव्र intenzivna (skrb) intenzív intensif öflugur; gjörgæslu- intensivo, intenso 集中的な 집중적인 intensyvus intensīvs intensif intensiefintens, intensivintensywny ډيروونكى، تشديدوونكى، پياوړى كوونكى، متمركز(ګر) تاكيدى intensivo in­tensiv интенсивный intenzívny intenziven intenzivan intensiv อย่างมาก yoğun 加強的 інтенсивний, напружений زوردار tập trung 加强的,集中的,密集的,十分细致的

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